How to Post Panorama Photos on Instagram in 2 Different Ways

Written by Steven John, Read Orginal Article When Instagram first hit smartphones, every image uploaded had to be shaped like a perfect square.  This is all well and good for selfies and pictures of your kids, but for those majestic panorama shots of the Grand Canyon, Instagram’s always struggled. Nowadays, you can upload any sort of photo to Instagram….

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What Is Instagram and How Does It Work?

Written by Ben Stegner, Read Orginal Article Instagram is one of the biggest social networks today, but not everyone is familiar with it. If you don’t use social media, you might be wondering what Instagram is and how it works. Below, we offer an introductory overview of Instagram. We look at what it is,…

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How the Instagram Algorithm Works

Written by Monique Thomas, Read Orginal Article How does the Instagram algorithm actually work? It’s a question that’s caused a lot of confusion since Instagram moved away from a chronological feed. In this blog post, we’re sharing how the Instagram algorithm works for feed posts, stories, the Explore page, IGTV videos, and Instagram Reels….

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How to Record and Post New Instagram Reels, or Make a Reel Out of a Video From Your Camera Roll

Written by Dave Johnson, Read Orginal Article Recently, Instagram unveiled Instagram Reels, a new short-form video format that’s clearly inspired by TikTok. You can record, edit, and publish video clips between 3 and 15 seconds in length to your Instagram feed.  Making your own Reels is pretty straightforward; the hardest part is likely finding where Instagram has placed…

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7 of the Best Presets and Filters for Instagram

Written by Andy Moser, Read Orginal Article If you’ve ever been on Instagram, you know that filters are everything. Filters allow you to give a photo the exact feeling you’re trying to convey. A lot of sites know this and have created special presets meant to capture a consistent look, feel, and style. You…

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Take a Closer Look at Instagram Reels, Facebook’s Tiktok Rival Launching Today in the Us

Written by Paige Leskin, Read Orginal Article Facebook’s attempt to compete with TikTok — a new short-form video format on Instagram — is rolling out Wednesday to users in the United States. Reels allows users to record and edit short-form videos with audio and music soundtracks — akin to what users already do on TikTok. Facebook…

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What Our Research Really Says About Teen Well-Being and Instagram

Written by Pratiti Raychoudhury, Read Orginal Article Earlier today, we provided Congress with the two full research decks that were the primary focus of the Wall Street Journal’s mischaracterization of internal Instagram research into teenagers and well-being. We added annotations to each slide that give more context because this type of research is designed…

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How I Got Verified on Instagram Without Being Famous

Written by Kyle Dendy, Read Orginal Article According to Instagram’s official website, verification “is a tool to help people find the real accounts of public figures and brands, and it means we verified this is a notable and authentic Instagram account.” It was never intended to become a status symbol in society, but the…

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Top 8 Killer Instagram Tips For Beginners

Written by Setapp Team, Read Orginal Article Instagram has seen exponential growth in recent years. Today, it’s the most influential social media platform and is continuously gaining more followers. Besides, Instagram is a great way to check in on what your friends are doing day to day as well as what your favorite brands…

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