Can I continue to use my Instagram account whilst using your service?

Yes, you can continue to use your Instagram as you normally would, including posting. We will work away in the background. It’s also best not to do more that 15 – 20 follows or unfollows per day yourself because added to what we’ll be doing, this could hit Instagram’s daily limits.

Will my account be flagged by Instagram for using this service?

No, it won’t. We use real mobile phones and 4g data plans. There is humanised movements, including scrolling between every action. We also stay well below Instagram’s daily action limits. All of this means that Instagram sees us a real person and your account is 100% safe.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time, either by letting us know by email, or in recurring payments (Paypal) or online banking (debit/credit card).

How does the subscription work?

It’s a monthly rolling subscription. Payment will be taken on the same day each month.

You’re not tied into anything. It’s a subscription that you control and you can cancel at any time, either by letting us know, or in recurring payments (Paypal) or online banking (debit/credit card).

When is my payment taken after the free trial?

It’s free for the first 10 days and if you like the service and don’t cancel, the first payment will be taken on the 11th day.

Do you need my password to run the service?

Yes, we do need your username and password to run the service. We can understand why you’d be nervous about this. You can enter your password on the signup form, which is 100% secure, safe and encrypted. Alternatively, you can signup without your password and provide it at a later date, once you’ve spoken to one of our social media experts.


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